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The UNESCO Creative Cities Network

세계도자비엔날레 축제장 스케치입니다.

The UNESCO Creative Cities Network, which was launched by UNESCO in 2004, aims to enhance the creative, social, and economic potential of cities by fostering their creative industries. Structured around the seven themes of literature, cinema, music, design, media arts, gastronomy, and folk art and crafts, the Creative Cities Network encourages cities to utilize their cultural assets in developing specific creative industries.

Cities Appointed to the Network

Field City
total 19 country (34 city)
Literature (6) Edinburgh(UK), Melbourne(Australia), Iowa City Iowa(USA), Dublin(Ireland), Reykjavik(Iceland), Norwich(UK)
Film (2) Bradford(UK) Sydney(Australia)
Music (5) Bologna(Italy), Seville(Spain), Glasgow(UK), Ghent(Belgium), Bogota(Colombia)
Crafts and Folk Art(5) SantaFe(New Mexico, USA), Aswan(Egypt), Kanazawa(Japan), Icheon(Republic of Korea), Hangzhou(China)
Design (11) Berlin(Germany), Argentina(Buenos Aires), Montreal(Canada), Nagoya(Japan), Kobe( Japan) Shenzhen(China), Shanghai(China), Seoul(Republic of Korea), Saint-Etienne(France), Graz(Austria), Beijing(China)
Media Arts (1) Lyon(France)
Gastronomy (4) Popayan(Colombia), Chengdu(China), Ostersund(Sweden), Jeonju(Republic of korea)


ICHEON, UNESCO City of Crafts and Folk Art

도자예술인이 도자기에 문양작업을 하고 있는 사진입니다.

The city of Icheon, Republic of Korea was appointed UNESCO City of Crafts and Folk Art on 20 July, 2010.

Icheon boasts an outstanding history and tradition in crafts and has managed to successfully blend culture, crafts and tourism with the main objective of preserving the traditional crafts in harmony with the contemporary crafts industry. The city was recognized for its initiatives to create special economic zones for creative industries, its commitment to include crafts education at all school levels and its will to foster intercultural dialogue through various creative platforms.